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Navigate the labour market at ease thanks to our innovative skills library. Take advantage of a smart database of skills and occupations that provides you with the agility and forecasting you need to stay on top of the market requirements.

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A skills library made for you.

Our cutting-edge AI-driven technology supports employers, talents and education providers by:

Aligning learning supply and demand around a common language for skills.

Promoting a skill-based labour market to leverage transversal skills.

Optimizing the understanding of expertises to emphasize profiles equality.

Increasing access to labour market and learning opportunities.


I want to increase the relevance of my job ads...

Discover the skills requirements for each occupation, level of expertise & industry standards

Write job descriptions based on a role template to limit bias and inconsistencies

Stay up to date on the latest market trends of your jobs and skills.

Employment &
Career services

I want to better support citizens to find the right training or job...

Better capture citizen’s skills and support them in their learning journey and job hunt

Assess your people’s skills gap based on their profile to provide them the right learning opportunities

Education providers

I want to teach the right skills in my curriculum...

Boost your curriculum’s attractivity for students by teaching skills in high demand

Job seeker

I want to identify the skills I need to develop to find my next job...

Assess your skills to evaluate how well you match with your target job’s requirements

Export the role template to use it as basis for your resume


I want to explore the occupations that can suit my strengths...

Discover all existing jobs, relevant skills and the evolution of the employment market.

Find various training resources to support your learning & development journey


I want to follow the market trends to stay on top of the skill demand...

Be on top of the market trends to know which skills you need to learn to stay relevant

Find all the training resources you need to boost your learning curve

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