Hi, we’re Begreator.

We make innovative AI-powered tools

to solve the skill gap in technology.

We’re serious about demystifying and increasing access to tech careers. Begreator invites organisations to take a disruptive look at their human resources in order to answer their most urgent hiring challenges. We believe that more accuracy and fairness in talent acquisition contributes to closing the skill gap and driving prosperity for all. Read on to learn about our story.


Begreator is

your sidekick.


Everyday we wake up to :


Reinforce a fair recruitment framework

We invite organisations to take a disruptive look at their human resources to increase their talent pool. We believe that greater inclusion and objectivity in the recruitment and promotion practices leads to an increase in hiring accuracy and talents retention.


Assess and value talents' unique strengths

We ensure everyone becomes aware of their potential through objective assessments and enhance their unique strengths while respecting their differences. The highlighting of their uniqueness enriches the collective which gains in performance and innovation.


Enable an autonomous education-to-work journey

Whatever their starting stand, everyone must be able to access decent education to train for the profession of their choice in complete autonomy. Begreator wants to democratize and provide access to promising careers in which everyone can thrive professionally.


Our leadership

What you see is what you get. No secrecy. No lie. Just us. United by a common vision.

Company culture comes in many shapes and forms, but we particularly pride ourselves on


Promote justice

We strive to ensure equal access to education and employment.


Demonstrate integrity

No bullshit. We build impactful and useful solution.


Sustain engagement

Everything we do, we do it for and with our community

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