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“No matter what our background is, society keeps reminding us of the place we were given and where we are meant to stay. Therefore, questions such as “Can I help you?” or “Where are you going?” are commonplace for underrepresented people. This WebSeries was created to invite talents to go where they were not expected and participate in changing the norm in the job market.”

Closing the digital skills gap: A priority for Europe and Belgium

The growing shortage of talent and the lack of diversity in the technology sector are forcing us to rethink our recruitment processes and to review the essential skills that make up the various digital occupations. Today, Europe, Belgium and the Region of Brussels-Capital are mobilizing by taking concrete measures such as “A Path to the Digital Decade” aiming at the training of 20 million ICT specialists or the inter-federal plan “Women in Digital” allowing the implementation of various initiatives in terms of gender equality in STEM/ICT.

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Tu Vas Où ? is dedicated to democratizing careers in technology so that everyone can have a decent job and take their place in the job market. But big changes don't happen by themselves. We work hand in hand with our public and private partners to position ourselves as the reference in Belgium for video content to raise awareness about digital careers and increase our impact on young people.

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